Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to implement SocialPreneur Lab resources to inspire your young entrepreneurs.

  • Who can participate in SocialPreneur Lab program?

    All campaigns and products created on this platform are the original work of youth K-12. This program is available only to youth organizations (i.e. after-school programs, public & private schools, after school programs, charter schools, youth mentorship programs, etc.). At this time, our curriculum is not available to individual families. If you would like a program for your youth organization, please contact us and our associate will follow up with your request.

  • How do youth get access to a SocialPreneur Lab program?

    Contact our office via email or phone and one of our community liaisons will respond to your request with 48 hours to schedule a 1-hr consultation. Organizations that receive a program will receive a link to register and access the student dashboard.

  • Is the SocialPreneur Lab platform safe for youth?

    The platform is easy to use and all youth projects and products are protected with administration restrictions to register an account and edit project and product details. The platform is frequently monitored by our development team.

  • How do the students receive their funding collected on the platform?

    Students are not required to enter banking information. All funding raised on the site is redistributed to the youth organizations that have access to the site. Students will typically receive an individual check or money order from the organization that they are participating within.

  • How does SocialPreneur Lab work?

    SocialPreneur Lab provides resources to help youth learn entrepreneurship by launching a startup of their own. We provide workbooks, an integrated crowdfunding & e-commerce platform, and teacher trainings to support entrepreneurship training in the classroom.

  • How much does the SocialPreneur Lab curriculum cost?

    The pricing for a program varies. The cost of a program depends on the number of students within a program and the types of resources requested (i.e. platform, workbooks, and teacher training)

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