About Us

About SocialPreneur Lab

The SocialPreneur Lab is a comprehensive program that has combined student fundraising and community service into an applied learning of social entrepreneurship for youth. Similar to little league sports or music recitals, the organization aims to build students’ business acumen and entrepreneurial acuity through practice and experience.

In the lab, students are given the opportunity to work through the entire business development process—from business planning, marketing, raising capital, application, generating revenue, and scaling—to launch one of our social enterprise toolkits, including agribusiness, upcycling, and microfinance.

The crowdfunding platform and e-commerce site, exclusive to our SocialPreneurs, also gives students the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship through doing! The curriculum introduces concepts of social entrepreneurship and the ways that business can be used to solve problems that affect our community. Youth will learn examples of today’s social entrepreneurs who are changing our society. Design thinking activities will guide them to social innovate to truly meet their consumers needs. This activity will exercise participant’s empathy, emotional intelligence, and thinking outside-of- the-box to find creative business solutions that fulfill unmet social needs.


Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum

This comprehensive applied learning guides youth through the entire experience of being a social entrepreneur from business planning to raising capital all the way to bringing to market. There are several resources to guide youth through this process, which includes workbooks, a crowdfunding platform, and an online store.



The SocialPreneur Lab Toolkits are the building blocks for building a social enterprise. Each workbook outlines all the steps to building your own business or teaching your class of social entrepreneurs. The workbooks will teach students how to write a business plan, conduct market research, run a crowdfunding campaign, and more! Order your workbooks today!



Crowdfunding and Online Store


The crowdfunding platform is exclusive to youth in SocialPreneur Lab. With this platform students are able to raise money for the startup cost of their business. Our crowdfunding platform gives student the opportunity to stand out from the IndieGogo and Kickstarter crowd on a platform that is exclusive to them.

The online store allows students to sell the products that they develop. These resources allows SocialPreneurs to rally their community of family and friends near and far to support their education in entrepreneurship.


Implement a Program

Contact us if you are interested in implementing the program for your students. We can customize a program tailored to your students. This program can also be used for adults and other populations.