Star Citizens

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SocialPreneur: Rochelle Clark

Location: Wichita, KS

Star Citizen is a student-run organization dedicated to using business to create a greater society. Our mission is to social entrepreneurship to develop wealth for our community and to foster civic engagement. Our first venture is to re-purpose old tires and transform them into cool and hip shoes.

Brief Description:

What if the soles of your shoes have travelled a thousand miles? Star Citizen re-purposes cool and trendy shoes from the soles of used tires that have travelled near and far. Our shoes will be the next hottest accessory that everyone will want to buy. And even better, these shoes will be environmentally friendly way to keep old tires out of landfills and polluting our environment. Also, for every pair of shoe sold will donate $5 to our local school.  We need your help to get started!

Startup Cost:

We will work with MakeICT  to manufacture 30 pairs of shoes. Our total startup cost we be approximately $400 to purchase the materials and a membership to this great makerspace to have access to tool to develop and create our shoes. We will cut our cost down by collecting old tires for free.


With the startup money, we will sell 30 pairs of shoes for $30 a pair.


Support our business and education in social entrepreneurship!

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