SocialPreneur:  Anna Dixon (President)

Location: Wichita, KS

Organization: Carnegie High School


Girls Engineer is a student organization that developed at West High School to support young girls interested in engineering. This groups aims to learn about different facets of engineering and engage in hands-on product development. We have developed a an energy-efficient night light that is powered by LED and requires no plug-in. Not to mention, it is a cool lamp to add to a kids room. We would like to bring our product to market and would like to raise $480 to manufacture our night light.


We want to give girls the opportunity to learn about applicable engineering and make eco-friendly lights that people can use in their home.


We would like a way to learn about engineering and entrepreneurship by creating light that doesn’t harm the environment. Furthermore, we would like to learn some engineering, by creating LED lights, an energy-efficient light source.

Target Market: 

Our target market are people that like to decorate their office or need a light to see at night. Our customers can range from young to old and including teachers, daycare, and great gifts for grandparents.

Startup Cost: 

List of our Materials per Night Light

Item  Qty  Description 
LED Light Strip 5 ft  $4 per ft.
Plexi-Glass 10 $8 per piece
Wooden Base 10 $3 per ft. (12 x 12)
Hot Glue 10 Donated by Grandma Kattie
Wire 10 $2 per ft.
Rotary tool  7 Borrowed from MakeICT



These lists of materials can vary per speaker. We would like to build a stock of 30 LED night lights and sell them for $25 per nightlight.  Please support our venture and education within entrepreneurship and engineering.  Here is a preview of our night lights below. Order one for your little one soon!

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Support our business and education in entrepreneurship!

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