Andre’s Antiques LLC

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SocialPreneur: Andre Richards 

Location: Wichita, KS


Brief Description:  

We are a re-purposing furniture company. We take old furniture and materials to recycle them into cool furniture. Our signature piece is the suitcase radio that we old suitcases to engineer into Bluetooth speakers.  

This business is environmentally friendly & keeps old suitcases out of landfills. Our motto is “waste not, want not.” These radios are great gifts that can be used speakers  for any party, adds character and style to any room or office.  


The cost to build a suitcase radio is approximately 35 dollars for labor and materials. We need $250 to build initial inventory of seven radios.  



We want to prevent old materials from ending up in landfills and learn some engineering at the same time.   



We would like a way to re-purpose vintage suitcases and prevent them from ending up in a landfill. Furthermore, we would like to learn some engineering, by installing the electrical circuits and raspberry pi to convert the suitcase into a cool piece of furniture for an office or home.  


Target Market: 

Our target market are people that like to listen to music and care for the environment. Our customers can range from young to old and include people like, musicians, teachers, students, business owners,  


Startup Cost: 


List of our Materials per Speaker 




External Volume Control   



External Bluetooth Wireless 


$35 (play Music Via Bluetooth) 

Battery Capacity 



Solar Power Charger 



Speaker Grills 


$20 and up 

Vintage suitcases 




img_0271              speakerbox

These lists of materials can vary per speaker. We would like to build a stock of 7 suitcases and sell them for $75- $150 per suitcase.  Please support our venture and education within entrepreneurship and engineering!   

Support our business and education in entrepreneurship!


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